Verified Ratings & Customer Satisfaction Survey

National Research Corporation (NRC) is an independent customer satisfaction survey company that administers, collates and reports survey data. All surveys are anonymous. This means there is no bias in the survey question or results. NRC is a well-known leader in customer satisfaction tallying and reporting of results to help companies such as Alden ensure the overall safety, quality and care experience for all of our customers.

The Survey Process

NRC asks all Alden customers – via a mailed survey – to rate us on more than 30 different topics and features, including meeting their needs, cleanliness, care, therapy, dining and more. All responses are received and verified by NRC and converted to an an easy-to-understand scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score. These scores are used directly to calculate the rating you see displayed on our website.

Feedback is Important

Consumers deserve transparency and access to information to make informed decisions about their care. We believe at Alden that giving current and prospective customers access to ratings provides valuable feedback when choosing a rehabilitation and health care provider. 

Internally, we use the data and comments from NRC surveys to identify issues that are important to our customers. We use the information to ensure that we are providing the best possible health care experience.

Should you have any questions about our Customer Satisfaction Survey Program, please email us.